Challenge Problem Presentations

Session 3C Thursday July 6, 2017

PDF versions of challenge papers and posters are located here.

2017 Challenge Problem 1st Place Award
Thomson Rueters - Authors: Armineh Nourbakhsh, Xiaomo Liu, Quanzhi Li, Sameena Shah
Title: Mapping the echo-chamber: Detecting and characterizing partisan networks on Twitter

Videos listed in order:

  1. Automated Fake News Detection Using Text Analysis and Machine Learning, presenter Vivek Singh

  2. Identifying Bots that Spread Fake News, presenter Sumeet Kumar

  3. Mapping the echo-chamber: detecting and characterizing partisan networks on Twitter, presenter Armineh Nourbakhsh

  4. Detecting emotions and evocative text, presenter Ria Baldevia

  5. Towards Developing Methodology to Stem the Tide of Fake News , presenter Kiran Kumar Bandeli

  6. Automated Linguistic Classification of Fake and Real News, presenter Grayson Cupit

  7. Exploring the content of misinformation from multiple perspectives, presenter Dian Hu

  8. Framework for Understanding the Impact of Perspective on Classification of Fake News, presenter Andy Novobilski