2018 International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
July 10-13, 2018, Lehman Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA

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    - Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory.

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    - the call for papers for social cyber-security.

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    - SBP-BRiMS 2019 will be in July 2019 (tentative).
    - ACT-R Workshop Schedule at ICCM
    - CASOS Summer Institute - June 2019 Pittsburgh PA
    - Web Conference(WWW), May 13-17 2019, San Fransisco CA, USA
    - ICA, May 23-27 2019, Washington DC, USA
    - Net Sci, May 27-31 2019, Burlington VT, USA
    - ICML, June 10-15 2019, Long Beach CA, USA
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    - Sunbelt, June 18-23 2019, Montreal, Canada
    - WebSci, June 30 - July 3 2019, Boston MA, USA
    - IC2S2, July 17-19 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Resources
    - Editor (Ritter) available at ICCM, ACT-R, Cogsci conferences.
    - CCF Transactions on Pervasive Computing and Interaction
    - Latest issue of the IEEE CIS Newsletter on Cog & Dev Systems
    - Passing of Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science Jeffrey L. Elman.
    - UG and Grad scholarships, DoD
    - Estes Fund Call for Grad Travel Proposals
      Due: 01 Sept 2018

  • Grants
    - NSF 17-573 start: Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL)competition

  • Jobs
    - Three Postdoc/PhD positions at the intersection of AI/ML and cognitive science, Tübingen
    - Three-year funded PhD position in agent-based(micro-)economics
      Location: University of Klagenfurt
      Deadline for application: August 31, 2018

    The Department of Management Control and Strategic Management at the University of Klagenfurt (Austria, Europe) has a long and successful tradition in research which employs agent-based modeling and simulation to questions of management and economics. We recently acquired a project on agent-based (micro-)economics from the Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) and are now searching for a prae-doctoral researcher (75%, 30 hrs/week) in this domain (for 3 years, expected from November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2021).

    Research: The project aims at closing the research gap between normative and positive agency theory. Normative agency theory incorporates a set of (sometimes restrictive) assumptions in their models of delegation relations. The assumptions are, e.g., concerned with (the distribution of) information and human behavior. Positive agency theory calls for relaxing these assumptions (or, at least, for making assumptions that are closer to real-world situations). A systematic analysis and relaxation of assumptions incorporated into the models of normative agency theory is, thus, proposed by the related scientific community. On the one hand, the project has the potential to provide new insights into dynamics of delegation relations. On the other hand, results might prove useful for practical purposes, such as mechanism design.

    Requirements: The position is aimed at the scientific training of graduates of a diploma or master program with the goal of a PhD thesis in social sciences and economics.

    The major tasks are as follows:

    • Perform research on the area of the project (with the goal of a (cumulative) PhD thesis)
    • Presentation of scientific results in publications and at conferences
    • Closely collaborate with other researchers
    • Contribute to follow-up proposals

    Required qualifications are:

    • Master or diploma degree in (technical) mathematics, informatics, economics, management mathematical specialization or adjacent fields (completed by October 31, 2018)
    • Good knowledge in (computational) economics, decision theory, (agent-based) simulation
    • Good programming skills (Matlab, R, …)
    • Fluent written and spoken English
    • Dedication to interdisciplinary problems

    The ideal candidate has (co)authored publications in recognized conferences/journals. Independent working skills are valued as well as the capability to work in a team. We also expect German skills or the willingness to learn German and social and communicative competences.

    Research environment: The project will be carried out at the Department of Management Control and Strategic Management of the University of Klagenfurt. Since its foundation in 1970, the University of Klagenfurt has established itself as Carinthia´s leading academic institution and a hub for the whole of the Alps-Adriatic region in terms of knowledge acquisition, exchange and transfer. The University of Klagenfurt is a young and vibrant campus hosting approx. 10.000 students. It is located in the southern part of Austria, a region with outstanding quality of life at the intersection of Alpine and Mediterranean culture. The Department of Management Control and Strategic Management is involved in the doctoral program on Modelling, Simulation and Optimization in Business and Economics [1] (which puts special emphasis on application of simulation-based research methods to question within the field of economics). In addition, the department is involved into interdisciplinary research initiatives such as the Karl Popper Kolleg on Modelling, Analysis, Simulation and Optimization of Discrete, Continuous, and Stochastic Systems with Applications in Business and Economics [2] (together with the Department for Mathematics), the research initiative on Self-Organizing Systems [3](together with the Faculty of Technical Sciences). It is intended to fully integrate the project into these research initiatives in order to exploit group synergies and provide the project members with the best possible support structure.

    Period and salaries: This is a 75% employment position (30 hrs/week) limited to 36 months. Expected starting date is November 1, 2018. The gross salary is based on UNI-KV category B1, cf. www.aau.at/uni-kv.

    Inquiries and applications: Applications must be submitted electronically as a single PDF file to Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Stephan Leitner (Stephan.leitner@aau.at) using the code [Application] in the subject line.

    Applications must be written in English and include

    • A letter of motivation
    • The curriculum vitae (with photo and information about the degrees including date/place/grade, the experience acquired, the thesis title, the list of publications if any)
    • Scan(s) of the degree certificates and transcripts of the courses
    • Any certificates that prove the fulfillment of the required qualifications

    General information on the University of Klagenfurt is available at www.aau.at, additional information on the Department of Management Control and Strategic Management is available here: www.aau.at/csu.

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