2018 International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
July 10-13, 2018, Lehman Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA


Demo Submission: 14-May-2018
Author Notification: 01-June-2018

What to Submit:

Demo submissions are a short description of the software to be demoed and a PDF of the accompanying poster. All accepted demos will be run simultaneously during demo sessions with the posters shown behind the demos. All demo submissions (description plus PDF of poster), if accepted, will be published on-line only in the on-line conference proceedings.

Description: 2-6 page description as a PDF. Should include contact information for whom to contact for access to the technology. This can be in the format of a brochure.

Poster PDF: PDF that supports the demo.

Suggestion: Participants may want to use Jupyter to demonstrate their code and results. Examples can be found here, Sample Jupyter Notebooks.

Where to Submit:

Description and PDF of poster should be sent to the conference committee at sbp-brims@andrew.cmu.edu.

For accepted demos the description and the PDF of the poster will be put on the conference website under the on-line proceedings.

What to do at the Conference:

Presenters are responsible for printing and bringing their own poster and any machines needed for the demo. They are also responsible for removing the poster.

All demos will be done during the demo time and attendees will be able to move from one demo to another.