Challenge Problem Presentations

2018 Challenge Problem 1st Place Award
Authors: Leonie Haiden and Jente Althuis
Title: The Definitional Challenges of 'Disinformation'

Videos listed in order:

  1. Examining Strategic Social Media Platforms Integration in Tracking Disinformation Campaign Coordination, presenter Muhammad Nihal Hussain

  2. Which fake fits? How the diffusion of disinformation varies by campaign type and community in the Black Panther Twitter discussion, presenter Matthew Babcock

  3. FakeNewsTracker: Towards Fake News Collection, Detection, and Visualization, presenter Deepak Mahudeswaran

  4. Global trends, local harms: Availability of Fentanyl-Type Drugs on the Dark Web and Accidental Overdoses in Ohio, presenter Usha Lokala

  5. Forecasting Heroin Overdose Occurrences from Crime Incidents, presenter Yu-Ru Lin

  6. Illuminating the Hidden Elements & Future Evolution of Opioid Abuse Using Simulation, Big Data & PMCMC, presenter Nathaniel Osgood

  7. Using Synthetic Populations to Understand Geospatial Patterns in Opioid Overdoses & Predicted Misuses, presenter Savannah Bates

  8. Understanding social determinants of health(SDoH) & health service resources correlation with opioid overdose, presenter Iris Sheu