15th International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
September 20-22, 2022, Hybrid.
Carnegie Mellon University, Mellon Institute – Mellon College of Science
4400 Fifth Ave, 4th floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

Call For Panels


  • Submission deadline: 1-July-2022 (Midnight EST)
  • Notification deadline: 29-July-2022
  • Publication-ready deadline: 15-August-2022



Panels proposals must be submitted by the submission deadline. The Panel proposal must include an Extended Abstract submitted as a single PDF file.

Extended Abstract: A maximum 10-page proposal (including references) in the Springer format specified above. The extended abstract should include the title of the panel; the names and affiliations of the organizer(s), confirmed participants, and participants who have been invited but have not yet confirmed. Although some invited panelists listed in your proposal may not yet have accepted the invitation at the time of the submission, we encourage organizers to get confirmation from as many participants as possible prior to submission. All participants must be confirmed at the time of publication ready source files submission, no exceptions.

Within the 10-page constraint you should summarize the main topic(s) to be discussed and any lessons you will communicate during the session. Your extended abstract might also discuss as well as contrasting perspectives on the panel topic. Within those 10 pages, you should also persuade the chairs that your panel will be well-attended, timely, and relevant to the SBP-BRiMS community. You must list who will participate and relevant information such as why these people were selected and what qualifications they bring. You also should include a plan for engaging audience members.

All speakers must be listed as Authors in the proposal and in the EasyChair Submission System and all authors must be panelists or the panel moderator. Authors also should include the session format: how they will run it, their role, the audience’s role, and any special logistical needs (e.g., special seating, A/V, use of student volunteers, or expectations about attendee background or interests).


Your proposal must stand alone; readers must be able to get something out of the abstract even if they do not attend the panel session. As with regular paper submissions, only the title of the proposed panel and the author information will be published (via the SBP-BRiMS website) prior to the start of the conference.

Panels should be an interactive, discussion-oriented forum in which audience members are participants in the discussion. Panelists are strongly encouraged to propose topics likely to be of broad interest in the SBP-BRiMS community and interactive sessions that will engage both the panelists and the audience in creative ways. Panels should not be a series of short talks (e.g., similar to what one might see during a regular paper session.


Panels are held in their own 90-minute session at the conference.


All panelists need to register before the panel goes into the proceedings.


Panel proposals will be published in the Springer conference proceedings