Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there SBP-BRiMS hashtags?
    • Yes. Use #sbpbrims.

  • How can I get involved?
    • Send email to and say what you are interested in doing - e.g. being a topic chair, reviewing papers, getting industry participation, running a workshop etc. Submit a paper, demo, tutorial, etc.

  • Is there a list of volunteer activities?

  • Can I get a letter to support my Visa Application?
    • Yes. To get such a letter email and request the letter. Please note the dates needed. In addition, if you are giving a paper, a poster or submitting a challenge response mention that so we can add it to the letter. If the letter needs to be addressed to someone in particular, please provide that information.

  • Can I attend only the tutorials?
    • Yes. There is a charge for attending the tutorials. You can pay just to attend a tutorial. We would like to see you at the conference too if your schedule allows. Hence there is a discount for the tutorials for conference attendees.

  • What is a no-host reception?
    • A no-host reception is a social gathering where each person is responsible for paying for their own food and drink. The conference organizers arranged a venue - but no food or drinlk is covered.

  • If I am giving a presentation do I need to also create a poster?
    • Only if you are the winner of the challenge event.

  • I am presenting a poster, what do I need?
    • You are responsible for printing and bringing your own poster to the conference. An easel will be provided, but not posterboard. The poster should be either 4’x3’ or 3’x4’.

2018 Challenge Poster Presentation