2018 International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
July 10-13, 2018, Lehman Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA

Call For Tutorials


Tutorial Submission: 14-May-2018

Author Notification: 01-June-2018

We are particularly interested in tutorials related to:

  • Deep Learning
  • Agent Based Simulation
  • Event Based Simulation
  • Sentiment Mining
  • Bot Detection
  • Fake News Identification
  • Life History Analysis

If you have questions about whether a tutorial might be appropriate, please send an email to sbp-brims@andrew.cmu.edu. Note that 1 tutorial instructor will have conference registration covered.


Several half-day sessions will be offered on the day before the full conference. Sessions will be designed to meet the needs of one of two distinct groups. One group will consist of attendees who have backgrounds in computational science; computer science, engineering, and other mathematically oriented disciplines. Other tutorial sessions will be designed for behavioral and social scientists and others (e.g. those with medical backgrounds or training in public health) who may have limited formal education in the computational sciences. Attendees will gain an understanding of terminology, theories, and general approaches employed by computationally based fields, especially with respect to modeling approaches.

Tutorial proposal submission:

Tutorial proposals should be submitted online to sbpbrims@andrew.cmu.edu:. At minimum, each proposal must contain the following information:
* Title of the tutorial
* Description of the tutorial topic and structure.
* Expected audience (including the expected backgrounds of the attendees)
* Short bio and contact information of the organizers

More details regarding the preconference tutorial sessions, including instructors, course content, and registration information will be posted to the conference website (SBP-BRiMS.org) as soon as this information becomes available. For further information, please contact sbpbrims@andrew.cmu.edu.

Tutorial submissions are 1 page description of the tutorial. All tutorials are 3 hours in length. All tutorial submissions, if accepted, will be published on-line only in the on-line conference proceedings.

Suggestion: Those giving tutorials might wish to use Jupyter to allow participants to code "in real time" using pre-defined code blocks as the tutorial progresses. Information about Jupyter can be found at http://jupyter.org/.

The tutorials should be submitted directly to: sbp-brims@andrew.cmu.edu.

2018 Call for Tutorials