2020 International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
Oct 19-22, 2020, Virtual

Doctoral Consortium
Call For Participation

Important Date

Doctoral Consortium Submission: 10-September-2020
Doctoral Consortium Notification: 21-September-2020
Doctoral Consortium Poster (1-page slide), Powerpoint Slides, Video due: 30-September-2020


The SBP-BRiMS 2020 Doctoral Consortium will provide doctoral students with a unique opportunity to interact with experienced researchers in the areas of cultural behavioral modeling, prediction, and social computing, and discuss with them about their ongoing research and career plans. The Doctoral Consortium also aims at establishing a worldwide, supportive community of doctoral students working on the related areas and promoting social and intellectual interactions among students and researchers from academia, industry, and government.


The consortium chair will invite senior researchers and experts in the related areas to serve as panelists and/or external reviewers of the submissions. Each accepted Ph.D. student will have the opportunity to present his/her accepted work, discuss and receive advice and suggestions from the expert panel as well as the audience. Additionally, the accepted Ph.D. students will have the chance to (a) participate in a mentor-mentee lunch for an in-depth discussion with senior researchers in the conference, and (b) present their work at the conference Poster Session, to interact with a broader audience of the main conference.


Prospective student attendees should already have a clear direction for research and possibly have published some results along the direction. Preference will be given to students who have advanced to Ph.D. candidacy.

Review criteria and publication

Selections will be based on a 3-page abstract. The first author must be a doctoral student wishing to attend and present work at the Consortium. Co-authors may include the research advisors, committee members, and other collaborators as needed. Selected abstracts will be published in the conference online proceedings (non-archival). Doctoral students who submit to the Doctoral Consortium are encouraged to submit a paper on their research to the main conference. However, acceptance for participation in the Consortium will be based solely on the abstract written ad hoc for the event. All abstracts will be reviewed with respect to overall quality of presentation, the relevance and potential for future impact of the research on the field, and expected benefit to the candidate from attending the Doctoral Consortium.

Submission guidelines

Submit your abstract paper here.
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Applications should include:

  1. A 3-page extended abstract, including all figures and references, summarizing the applicant's dissertation research. The abstract papers must be written in English and formatted according to the Springer-Verlag LNCS/LNAI guidelines. Sample files are available at: http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-6-793341-0. The abstract may include:
    • Motivation, problem description
    • Background and related work (including key references)
    • Novelty and significance relative to the state of the art
    • Approach, data, methods and proposed evaluation
    • Results obtained and work in progress
    • The use of figures, diagrams or illustrations is encouraged.
  2. A short CV, including the list of publications.
  3. A letter from the student’s Ph.D. advisor verifying the student status (e.g., the date of advance to Ph.D. candidacy). Alternatively, the student can provide digital verification, such as a link to a department page listing their status as a PhD student.
  4. Completed the application form on the abstract submission page.
  5. If accepted to the consortium please send a one page powerpoint slide describing your research. This will be used in the lightning talks when you are introduced to all attendees. This should be sent to sbp-brims@andrew.cmu.edu by 30-September-2020.
  6. If accepted to the consortium, please send a photo (headshot) that we can put on the website in the conference on-line proceedings (non-archival) along with your one page slide and your abstract. This should be sent by 30-September-2020.


2018 Doctoral Consortium led by Dr. Yu-Ru Lin (University of Pittsburgh)