2020 International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
Oct 19-22, 2020, Virtual

2019 Award winners

Life Time Achievement Award - Dr. John Salerno

Service Award - Tuja Khaund and Katrin Galeano

Best paper Award - Lucas Overbey, Bryan Ek, Kevin Pinzhoffer and Bryan Williams, Using Common Enemy Graphs to Identify Communities of Coordinated Social Media Activity

Best Student Paper Award - Nicolas Harder and Matthew Brashears, A Hybrid Cellular Model for Predicting Organizational Recruitment in a k-Dimensional Space

Best Working Paper Award - Iain Cruickshank, Kathleen Carley, Matthew Elder, Anthony Johnson and Timothy Davison, Detecting Malware Communities Using Socio-cultural Cognitive Mapping

Challenge Winner - Alina Vereshchaka, Wen Dong and Seth Cosimini, Novel Approaches to Analyzing and Distinguishing Fake and Real News to Mitigate the Problem of Disinformation

2018 Award winners

Life Time Achievement Award - Dr. Frank Ritter

Exceptional Service Award - Dr. Robert Thomson

Best paper Award - Mark Orr, Christian Lebiere, Andrea Stocco, Peter Pirolli, Bianica Pires, and William Kennedy, Multi-Scale Resolution of Cognitive Architectures: A Paradigm for Simulating Minds and Society

Best Student Paper Award - David Beskow and Kathleen M. Carley, Using Random String Classification to Filter and Annotate Automated Accounts

Disinformation Challenge Winner - Kai Shu, Deepak Mahudeswaran and Huan Liu, FakeNewsTracker: Towards Fake News Collection, Detection, and Visualization

Disinformation Challenge Runner Up I – Muhammad Nihal Hussain, Kiran Kumar Bandeli, Samer Al-Khateeb, Serpil Tokdemir, and Nitin Agarwal, Examining Strategic Integration of Social Media Platforms in Tracking Disinformation Campaign Coordination

Disinformation Challenge Runner Up II – Matthew Babcock, Ramon Alfonso Villa Cox and Sumeet Kumar, Which fake fits? How the diffusion of disinformation varies by campaign type and community in the Black Panther Twitter discussion

Opioid Challenge Winner - Savannah Bates, Vasiliy Leonenko, James Rineer and Georgiy Bobashev, Using Synthetic Populations to Understand Geospatial Patterns in Opioid Related Overdose and Predicted Opioid Misuse

Opioid Challenge Runner Up – Usha Lokala, Francois Lamy, Raminta Daniulatyate, Amit Sheth, Ramzi Nahhas, Jason Roden, Robert Carlson and Shweta Yadav, Global trends, local harms: Availability of Fentanyl-Type Drugs on the Dark Web and Accidental Overdoses in Ohio

2017 Award winners

Life Time Achievement Award - Huan Liu

Exceptional Service Award I - Yu Ru Lin, for dedication, serving as a program chair and inauguration of the graduate student consortium

Exceptional Service Award II - Nathan Osgood, for dedication, serving as a program chair and support for the challenge video taping

Best paper Award - Juan Fernandez-Gracia, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Michael Barnett, Victor M. Eguiluz and Nicholas Christakis, Spread of pathogens in the patient transfer network of US hospitals

Best Student Paper Award - Fan Yang and Wen Dong, Integrating Simulation and Signal Processing with Stochastic Social Kinetic Model

Challenge Award Winner - Armineh Nourbakhsh, Xiaomo Liu, Quanzhi Li, Sameena Shah, Mapping the Echo-chamber: Detecting and Characterizing Partisan Networks on Twitter

2016 Award winners

Exceptional Service Award - Kevin Xu

Best paper Award - Kimberly Glasgow, Jessika Vitak, Yla Tausczik, and Clay Fink, With your help... we begin to heal: Social Media Expressions of Gratitude in the Aftermath of Disaster

Best Student Paper Award - Teague Henry, Sabina B. Gesell, and Edward Ip, Social Position Predicting Physical Activity Level in Youth: An Application of Hidden Markov Modeling on Network Statistics

Data Challenge Winner - Lucas A. Overbey, Scott C. Batson, Jamie Lyle, Christopher Williams, Robert Regal, Lakeisha Williams, Correlating Twitter Sentiment and Event Data to Monitor Social and Political Unrest

Data Challenge Runner Up – Quanzhi Li, Armineh Nourbakhsh, Rui Fang, Xiaomo Liu, Sameena Shah, Sentiment Analysis of Political Figures across News and Social Media